Auditions for ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’

One Man, Two Guvnors by Richard Bean
Based on a servant of two masters by Carlo Goldoni
Audition Pieces
6th January 2015 7:30pm The Phoenix Hotel, Chard.

This play is in principle a farce. This means the comedy is in the pace and ability for the actors to play their parts straight. I would compare the delivery of the script similar to “Mrs Browns boys” where often things are made to look like they happen by accident but are really scripted.
The audition pieces are taken from the copy of the script read at the re-through in December. Samuel French informs me that they would like us to use a newer version of the script, which will be available in January.

Cast: The ages are only a guide; the play will be cast on fitting the right actors into the parts to make the relationships plausible. All of the accents are South East mainly London.

Francis Henshall – A large part – Essex boy – Not the brightest tool in the box but seems to keep falling on his feet. Lots of physical humour and audience interaction, this is both scripted and unscripted so should be confident to ad-lib within the boundaries of this character.Pg 24, 29, 65

Charlie Clench – in his 50’s – Medium part – An archetypal Cockney Gangster. Pg 11-12, 38-42

Pauline Clench – his daughter. Pretty and stupid not really understanding most of what is being said. Pg 12. 38-42

Lloyd Boateng – in his 50’s ex-con, now runs a pub. Quite a sharp character. Pg 11-15, 21-24

Stanley Stubbers – age 20-30 -Public school nitwit who is one of Francis Henshalls guvnors. Pg 29-31, 34. 74-75

Dolly – in her 30’s – Feminist bookkeeper, the brains of the outfit. A strong character who has a soft spot for Francis. Pg 64. 65-67

Harry Dangle – in his 60’s – Small part – Crooked Latin-speaking solicitor to the Clenches. Tries to be posh but this slips on occasions. Pg 60-61

Alan Dangle – son of Harry -A wannabe actor and completely over the top physically and verbally in the delivery of his lines. Pg 29-31

Rachel Crabbe – age 20 – 30 Dresses as dead twin brother, Roscoe. Played like a young male gangster. Pg 39-42, 76-78

Gareth – Head waiter Pg 44-45

Christine Patterson – An audience plant who has a small amount of lines and a bit of business.

Alfie – Deaf old waiter – A physical part being knocked over by doors, cricket bats etc.

Policemen, porters, taxi drivers will be cast without the need for audition.